IncestPrincess Tori

Call me IncestPrincess… I’m 100% real and 100% nasty. I was raised and fucked by my father from very early on. I was taught the best way to enjoy myself was to keep it in the family…

I have absolutely NO taboos, no limits, no kink is too crazy for me. I will talk about anything; littles, family fun, our crazy dark secrets. Seriously, nothing is too crazy for my little ears!

When growing up I was always pushed to my limits of what I was comfortable with sexually. My father made me do all kinds of nasty things to appease him, the vanilla stuff was never enough…

You think of it, and I’ve probably done it.. I’ve done it all for my father, just like the good slut I was raised to be. 😉

I want to talk about what crazy stuff gets you off… call me now and let’s have some twisted fun.

(1-833-346-8739) Extension # 756