Young Beauty for Breeding

I’m Lola, that American asian schoolgirl that lives next door. The one you’ve probably always had a crush on, the one that secretly wants to be all yours!

I’m the girl that was raised from a very conserative family who taught me the values of being subservient to my man. They also taught me the values and importance of marrying a well-off white man…

Of course my parents want me to finish school first, but in my family we are expected to be married with children by a certain age too!

Now that I’m almost old enough to flee the nest, I think it’s time that I prepare to be marry an old white guy and to be a young mom!!! Don’t you?? 😉

If you think you can give me what I need then please, oh please call me!!! I know I’m still young, but I would love to be your asian fuckdoll. I’ll do anything to have you too, even let you breed me!


(1-833-346-8739) Extension # 751