Seductive Young Felicity

Since I’m always busy with college, I love phone sex. I love curling up on the phone and teasing an older man while I hear him stroking to the sound of my sexy sweet voice. 

I know I have the power to make older men melt, especially with my young beautiful body.

When a guy calls me back to be with me again after having an amazing night together, that always gets me so hot. I love it when a guy has become addicted to me like that.

Get to know me and you will know why I am an A+ student and never will fail a class. 

It might be because I am a perfect student, or it might because I have my professors under MY little finger. I do have a way with the older men, especially my teachers…

Most think teachers make the rules, and for most that is the case. But me, I have a way with making the rules for mine!

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