Blonde Young Virgin for Phone Sex...

I have the strictest parents! They won’t let me do anything – including having sex. I don’t care! I’m tired of being a young virgin. I need sex and I think it’s finally time to lose my virginity. My parents don’t think so of course but I’m not listening!

I keep telling my parents everybody at my school is already doing it! They say they worry I will get pregnant and be a teen mom. I said as long as he pulls out I’ll be fine, they almost killed me!

I know a few guys at my school that have already tried to take my virginity but its always awkward with them! Some of them dont even have their own place and I want a real man! Like I have the biggest crush on my 7th period art teacher and I think he is the most perfect man. I would love to lose my virginity to a guy like him but he’s married! Not like that would stop me lol.

At this point though I’m willing to lose my virginity to just about anyone. I’m just way too shy! There are plenty of guys that want me but I’m always too shy to make the first move. I need a guy who knows what he wants with things like that. One who knows he wants to take my virginity..

Tight barely legal piece of ass HannahHey everyone I just turned 18 last fall! I’m so excited to be on this site with all my friends. Now I can do whatever I want including showing off! I’m excited to see what this new year will bring. Hopefully there will be a lot of good things cumming for me.(: I love talking on the phone and being told what to do. I know lots of guys out there like tight barely legal girls so I’d love to get in some trouble with you if you are one of those guys!

Call me here 1-833-346-8739 extension 760 and have this tight piece of ass all to yourself! I’ll do anything you tell me to do no matter how kinky. I may look innocent but I’m actually a very naughty girl. Come find out why they put a sweet face like mine on this site. Ohh and ask me for a special and I just might give you one. (: